SmallvilleThis ones a not-so-fresh episode. Its the repeat from last season where the wannabe Heather of Smallville High becomes a serial possessor. Her spirit jumps from MamaKent to Lana to the girl from the late great ABC Family series Higher Ground

that also starred future NuStar Wars

Darth Vader Hayden Christiansen, by the way. Then she skipped on over to reluctant prom queen Chloe Sullivan and even had the good sense to take over Clark Kents body. And everyone along the journey uttered the wannabe Heathers favorite word: genius. Did you catch Lex's "gift" to the class of 2005? Lifehouse. I always love how TV shows can get big name bands to play the teen dances. Anyway, this time around, I really tuned in for the Jensen Ackles parts. Sure, I never really got into his Smallville character, Jason Teague, lover boy of Lana Lang. But I'm really into his latest WB series, Supernatural. Seriously. You guys should watch it. It's. Awesome. And right now Supernatural is in reruns (until January?!?!) so anywhere I can get my Jensen fix is a good thing.