SmallvilleFirst of all, let me say that I had no idea what to expect from Smallville tonight because all WB has been pushing for the last two months is this whole who's-gonna-die business. I literally thought it was going to happen this week but, alas, it didn't. We won't find out until later this month. Not a problem, I can roll with the punches. This

episode features a Central Kansas University student who's pretty much the ultimate Lex Luthor groupie. The poli-psycho chick goes to crazy lengths to try to bring down Jonathan Kent and crown her man state senator. She shaves her head, y'all. Unbelievable. And I gotta tell you, I got so weirded out when the newly balded one dropped her robe for Lex and tried to go all Monica Lewinsky. Thankfully Lexy showed he has standards.

Didn't the Kent household look all Stepford family for that ridiculous commercial the sleazy campaign manager put together? Here's the thing, though: At least it got John Schneider and Tom Welling in suits. That's always a plus. It also got the bad PR man a one-way ticket off the farm, and then for some reason Jonathan hired Lois. Has the girl even graduated from college yet? And what's even weirder is having to listen to Lana complain to Clark about the fact that they haven't had sex since he miraculously came back from the dead. Unfortunately, Clark's cold feet sent him straight to poor Chloe. I loved it when the girl reporter called herself a Kryptohag! It's so true! Meanwhile, Jonathan got a beat down... again! And Martha, I ain't one to gossip, but if your hubby finds out about your secret dealings with Lionel, well, I suspect there's trouble in your future.