When this episode originally aired, we knew that Jorel, or someone posing as Jorel (namely Zod), had told Clark he was going to lose someone close to him.... You remember that little bit of info, right? Right. Anyway, in "Solitude," Clark came dangerously close to losing his mama after she got zapped by some great big red cloud of fiery energy that burst from the heavens creating a hell of sorts for the Kents. By the way, love that the human doctors tried to give Martha some antibiotics to cure this mysterious Kryptonian disease. Professor

Fiiiine trash-talks Jorel and gets SuperChump to try to destroy the Fortress of Solitude. Next thing you know, the two beam up to the lonely, oversize igloo, where they battle to the "death," with Fiiiine being on the losing end of some seriously sharp icicles. (Unlike last time, I won't bore you with a "Spike" pun.) Other thoughts: Yay to an entire hour without Lana-Clark angst. The word "refreshing" doesn't even begin to cover it. I wonder if a little Oil of Olay could've helped those red splotchy veiny things that magically appeared on Martha's skin, signaling her illness. And wouldn't you know it, the show pretty much told us that soon Jonathan would be d-e-a-d. At the very end he said: "Live your life to its fullest. Make sure you spend as much time as you possibly can with the people you love." Then Clark said: "You're right." To which Jonathan replied: "Yeah." Then everything cut to the executive-producer credits with an appropriately heart-sinking "thump" sound effect, sending me into mourning for Bo Duke once again.