SmallvilleI don't know about you, but I loved this episode. A few things: 1) Aquaman Shmaquaman. I want a Cyborg series right now! Hear that, CW execs? Come on:

Lee Thompson Young will be available. (Sorry dude, that

South Beach is baaaad.) 2) "Your secret's safe with me, Kal-El." Ex-squeeze me, what did you just say, Lionel? 3) Please explain to me how Lex Luthor did not win the state senate race. He can sound so convincing feigning innocence to Clark, and then in the next breath the liar's busy being bad. Really, really bad. Like playing with people's lives (and almost deaths) bad. 4) What's up with Lana and Clark? Are they broken up now? Because I'm still not sure. I think somebody's going to need to hit me over the head with the breakup anvil. Spell it out for me. The sooner the better.

I loved Victor and Clark working together the tandem jump off the building was cool. The tug-of-war between Kent and his former buddy Lex over this half-man, half-machine was laced with the appropriate amount of sarcasm and mistrust. Victor's not wanting to tell his girlfriend that he's not only alive but is a $6 billion bionic man had to hit home with Clark. But at least he got his reunion at the end. I'm sorry, but can't the Teen Titan and the former Famous Jett Jackson stick around, or at the very least come back for another round? And did you read the most recent Ask Ausiello? We're not getting a new Smallville until March 30. I'll start trying to accept this right now, but please promise me that when the show does come back, James Marsters will be present and accounted for. I need something to get me through the next five or six weeks.