Tom Welling in Smallville by David Gray/The CW Tom Welling in Smallville by David Gray/The CW
Smallville fans, rejoice! Following the show's Comic-Con panel, executive producers told's own Erin Fox that Lois and Clark's relationship is going to take a new direction this season. "Lois and Clark will be working side by side at The Daily Planet, and Lois will start to see Clark in a different way," they said. "She's surprised to see him in a suit, all grown up and handsome. It's no longer going to be played like a brother-sister relationship." (Video of the interview is coming soon!) That

huge news aside, the panel has to have been one of the single best hours of the four-day Comic-Con extravaganza. With a jocular cast and recurring jokes with the audience, the laughter was non-stop - and so were the spoilers. Here are the highlights: " As reported previously, Season 8 is all about Clark's destiny as Superman. He joins the "Daily Planet" and uses his new gig as a way to find people in need. He also starts to realize that he may need a double identity to truly evolve into Superman. To that end, exec producer Brian Peterson says that the show will hold to its original "no tights" rule, but he would not comment on the "no flights" restriction. " Behind-the-scenes changes are to come, too: Comic writer Geoff Johns will be writing a Legion of Superheroes episode of the show, and Allison Mack may have just shaken on a deal to direct an episode. When pressed about her plans, Mack started off with a diplomatic answer, but one of the panelists said, "Why don't we make it official?" Kidding or not, it would be hard to back out of the public pact. " Justin Hartley says that the Green Arrow will be struggling with why he's doing what he's doing, while the show will be exploring the origin of the Green Arrow. " Mack's Chloe will also be doing some struggling of her own, and there's trouble in paradise ahead for her relationship with Jimmy. Mack says that Chloe will be finding some independence this season, though, and she'll maybe even have some new powers to show off - but no details on those yet! " And might new Smallville arrival Tess Mercer share a smooch with any of the resident studs? Cassidy Freeman titillated the audience by saying she'd like to see her character kiss Chloe. " Finally, of course, there was a long preview of scenes from the new season. With the introduction of at least two more heroes from DC Comics, the action is ratcheted up, especially as Clark starts to come into his own. In short, expect love, loss, mega-action and more of the Superman mythology to unfold. So what's your take on all this news? Are you more excited for Season 8 than ever? - Anna Dimond More on life in Smallville: " Smallville Preview: Will Lana Rock Clark's World? " Smallville Scoop, Part 1: Chloe's Challenges and More! " First Look: The Smallville/Supernatural Comic-Con Bag " Smallville's Justice League Returns! Plus Clark Gets a Desk Job