The 100th episode reairs in what needs to be the last repeat until July. Seriously, I'm in repeat overload. I've actually had to find other things to do with my time. Like, read. And although I do agree reading is FUNdamental, for a TV-obsessed girl like me, it's just not normal. So next week can't come fast enough, 'cause for the first time in five weeks, we'll get a new Smallville episode, and a little birdie tells me a certain

fine guest star may make an appearance. That little birdie? The listings.

OK, since this is the second time I've seen "Reckoning," and I know from the beginning Jonathan Kent is going to die, it's not as fun. For instance, I still have that damn James Blunt "You're Beautiful" song rattling around in my brain. It. Won't. Go. Away. The opening scenes where Clark tells Lana he's an alien, then proposes to her, then introduces her to his fortress of solitude, smacks of some overly melodramatic romance novel, superhero style. Although, now that I think about it, ditch the Fabio-wannabes and put Tom Welling on one of those cheesy covers and I'll be a romance-novel head in no time. No tears this time around for Jonathan Kent. Unfortunately, I'm still wiping away the tears from Lem's unfortunate demise on this week's The Shield (he was my favorite character!!!!), so I had none to spare. Sorry, John Schneider!