Orlando Jones, Tom Mison Orlando Jones, Tom Mison

With Abbie stuck in Purgatory and Moloch attempting to open the gate to our world, Ichabod and Abbie had their hands full in last week's Sleepy Hollowp remiere. But now that the dust has settled (as much as it can during the end of days), it's about time we check in Irving!

After confessing to the murders of two cops and a priest, things are not looking good for the former sheriff. "He's in jail with a bunch of criminals who he helped put in jail. He could not be in a worst scenario," Orlando Jones tells TVGuide.com. "You killed a priest, f—ker! They want his head."

After seeing the poor condition Irving's in, Abbie suggests he tell the truth and go for the insanity defense. But his replacement, Sheriff Reyes, isn't going to make this easy for him. Can you really blame her, though? We'd have a hard time buying that an ancient demon possessed Macey in a play to get George Washington's Bible to bring on the Apocalypse. (God, this show is great.)

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"The second Horseman is here. I do not have time to catch her up on s---. 'Listen boo boo, either get on board or get out of the way.' We cant afford to ask permission," Jones says. "I'm curious to see how it affects Abbie and Ichabod more than anybody, because I was at least willing to bend the rules to help. She's not. And she's got a hard-on for me because she thinks I'm not telling her something."

Ultimately, Irving is "just grasping at straws," Jones says, as he devotes all his focus on getting into a position to protect Macey again. But Irving's tunnel vision will have dire consequences in the coming weeks.

Check out Irving's big confession below to see exactly how it goes over with Reyes. And check out Sleepy Hollow Monday at 9/8c on Fox.