Travis Stork, <EM>The Bachelor: Paris</EM> Travis Stork, The Bachelor: Paris
Skating with CelebritiesI almost forgot, but it turns out that I was actually there for the taping of this particular installment. That rink is small! Did you hear the gasps when Kristy's chin got an unintended shave? That was me. This week's technical requirement: an unassisted traveling one-legged lunge. The theme: the sounds of Motown.

Jillian and John: These two promise even more tricks because, just in case you hadn't heard, the other teams are catching up. And other than John's slip (which I only noticed when they hit rewind on the clunky move), there's nothing wrong here. Score: 49.8.
Bruce and Tai: Well, I must admit that Bruce's skating has improved. I was actually kind of impressed. Not as impressed as the judges, however. The unassisted lunge was solid. Trying to stand up from said unassisted lunge, not so solid. The death spiral sure was pretty, though. Score: 50.1.
Dave and Nancy: Next up, the gender-bending comedic stylings of Coulier and Kerrigan! Didn't Dave look like he was ready for a touring production of Hairspray on Ice? Sir CrankyPants dubs the hockey-loving celeb a true skater. Me? I thought they were just OK. Score: 49.7.
Kristy and Lloyd: They dont make it look easy, they make it look painful. There was the fall and the chin scrape that eventually turned into a gusher. But look past that, and I didn't think it was all that bad. Score: 49.1.
Deborah and Kurt: Here's the thing. When I was sitting in the audience, I thought the judges were hard on these two. Disconnected, in the safety of my own home, I kinda agreed with CrankyPants. Kurt is a solo skater and should remain a solo skater. Score: 47.9.

So, classy Deborah and Kurt were eliminated from the competition, although it took about five minutes to explain this to Kristy and Lloyd. Scott Hamilton attributed their inability to understand that 49.1 trumps 47.9 any day to "skate brain freeze." Tee hee. Bettina Charles

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