Travis Stork, <EM>The Bachelor</EM> Travis Stork, The Bachelor
Skating with Celebrities Why is it that I saw more falls during the recent Olympic ice-dancing competition than during the entire season of Skating with Celebrities? I don't care if the Torino routines were technically and artistically more difficult  it's just not right. And speaking of the recent global games, I was so out of the loop. I had no idea that

Sir CrankyPants was actually Sasha Cohen's coach. Plus, I had no clue that Jillian's partner, John Zimmerman, was married to Italian Olympic skater Silvia Fontana. But back to business. Much like Sunday night's inflated Dancing with the Stars finale, this baby could have been wrapped up in about 20 minutes. But no, the show insisted on parading all the eliminated contestants and their partners back for a couple more rounds of free-skatin' filler. At least wild, wild Todd Bridges managed to lift Jenni Meno with skates firmly (too firmly) planted on the ice. Good for him. Now on to the finalists:

Jillian and John: Points off for using Britney's "Toxic," just 'cause I said so. J&J were great as usual, but because I just watched Olympic figure skating, I now know there are beautiful ways to get in and out of lifts as well as unattractive ways to get in and out of lifts. Their lifts? Not so beautiful. Sorry, guys. Sir Cranky, Dorothy Hamill and Mark Lund all raved. Score: 58.3/60.

Kristy and Lloyd: Danced to "Unchained Melody" by the Righteous Brothers. At first, I didn't dig this choice. But as the two skated, they connected. You could feel the heat between them. It was a very passionate, romantic routine as the judges pointed out. When Summer asked them what changed between the first episode and this latest effort, I almost spit out the water I had just been drinking. That's all I'm going to say about that. Score: 58.7.

So we have one more episode to go, this Thursday, when the two pairs must bring it for their last free-skate. The momentum is clearly in Kristy and Lloyd's favor, but hey, anything can happen. Bettina Charles

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