Amy Poehler and Casey Wilson by Dana Edelson/NBC Amy Poehler and Casey Wilson by Dana Edelson/NBC

Christian Siriano caught the weekend's Saturday Night Live sketch that parodied him, and let loose with a string of alliterative adjectives to express his feelings about it. Amy Poehler played the the newly crowned king of this season's Project Runway, imitating his style right down to the unique coif (watch the sketch here).

In an e-mail to People, the threadmaster said he "thought it was so funny. Amy [Poehler] looked exactly like me which is kinda scary, but fabulous." The sketch, which was an ad for a faux- Runway spin-off, featured Poehler's Siriano giving an apartment makeover, and included versions of other Runway members, including Amy Adams as Heidi Klum and Bill Hader as Tim Gunn.

Siriano, in his typically effusive manner, had more even praise for the seg befitting a new star, saying, "The fact that they are even talking about me is so fierce, fabulous and flawless and is such an honor." And what about Poehler's version of his hair? "It was fierce!" - Anna Dimond

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