If any of the singers ever deserved an encore, it's Suzie, the self-proclaimed "Queen of the Bottom Three" (I once knew a dancer with a similar moniker, but that's for another column). Her version of "Start Me Up" was even better than the one she strutted her way through on Tuesday. And apparently it paid off, 'cause she finally escaped the bottom three. Ty, Deanna and Marty weren't so lucky, however, and all had to interpret INXS. Mr. Mohawk mugged his way through "What You Need," while Deanna did justice to "Elegantly Wasted," one of the coolest song titles of all time. If only I could spend my mornings and afternoons that way. But it was Marty who impressed the most with "Don't Change" and, earlier, with his honesty. Instead of sycophantically selling his soul for rock and roll by proclaiming INXS musical messiahs, Marty did something almost as risky as hooking up with Courtney Love: He flat-out told the band that he wouldn't change his style. And they respected him for it. I'm sure they respected Deanna, toobut she was ultimately sent packing, prompting Navarro to deem the day "Black Wednesday" and me to christen him "Dramatic Dave." I know it's tough to do underneath all that black, but try to lighten up, man. I'd start by wearing some white. It's not Labor Day yet.