Sinead O'Connor Sinead O'Connor

Under the category of "dream duets," Sinead O'Connor and Pope Francis probably don't spring to mind.

But according to O'Connor (who infamously ripped up a portrait of then-pontiff John Paul II on Saturday Night Live in 1992), the pairing almost happened.

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In a lengthy, stream of consciousness-like post on her official website, O'Connor says that she was approached to perform at the American Music Awards — but that her invitation was rescinded after Dick Clark Productions couldn't get the Pope to agree to come on stage with her.

O'Connor says the production company thought it would be "a great hook." She disagrees.

"Since naturally their idea was not only disrespectful to the Pope and to millions of Catholics (The idea he ought consider lowering his feet into the disgusting world of show business and celebrity at all! Never mind with Sinead O'Connor) they didn't get a response and consequently I'm now not doing the show," O'Connor wrote in a post dated Oct. 10.

The singer goes on to say that the plan was to have Pope Francis introduce her, before she performed "Nothing Compares 2 U" and her new single "Take Me to Church." Executives from Dick Clark Productions reportedly told O'Connor that they reached out to Pope Francis via Twitter and never heard back.

"I never heard anything so warped and disrespectful to both the Pope and myself, as well as millions of Catholics (As well as my fans, with whom I have some f---ing street cred, thanks, and integrity) in my life," she writes.

"Oft' it is said 'That Sinead O'Connor is insane,'" she notes. "And of course, there's no smoke without a little fire, but one wonders who is actually crazy after this. Really."

The American Music Awards will be held on Nov. 24. Read O'Connor's full post, including a play-by-play of her discussions with the production company, here.

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