Even the nastiest judge on American Idol isn't taking any shots at Britney Spears nowadays. Rather, despite the songstress' inarguable downward spiral, he thinks she could possibly turn things around. "It's never too late for a comeback," Simon Cowell told reporters during a Wednesday conference call, "especially because I think she's the most-searched artist on the Web right now."

How would Cowell help get Spears back on track? "If I could sit down with her," he says, "I would remind her about the good things in her life - her children, her money, her success - to give her some perspective. Then I would tell her to go off and live with her family [outside of Hollywood] for six months. [By then] the paparazzi won't have as much interest in her." But... but... what would I write about?! - With reporting by Erin Fox

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