Sigourney Weaver couldn't resist the chance to play a Russian seductress named Olga in her new film Heartbreakers (opening Friday) — mostly because it offered her the opportunity to debauch screen vet

Gene Hackman.

"I just was so thrilled when I heard he might even take the part," she tells TV Guide Online. "I was just like... (making panting noises). We were all so thrilled to have Gene in our midst. It was sort of like visiting royalty."

As Olga, Weaver even gets to serenade the Oscar-winning thesp with a rousing rendition of the Beatles' "Back in the U.S.S.R." The 51-year old Alien slayer says singing with a Russian accent wasn't a problem. "It was the day I looked forward to most," she confesses, "because it was all Olga, all the time."

Not surprisingly, Weaver was pretty bummed when she learned the song would not appear on the film's soundtrack. However, she jokes that the little ditty may one day be featured on her very own CD. "During the [impending actors] strike, I won't have anything to do," she admits. "I can make a whole album with me singing different things in different accents... Maybe me and [Star Trek's] Bill Shatner."

Speaking of the strike, Weaver says she is "sort of looking forward to [it] because I get a summer off. I am hoping that we can all spend this time when we're not working to get really good projects together so that the quality will go up when we come back."