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9 Action Shows Like Blindspot to Watch If You Miss Blindspot

Don't have a blindspot when it comes to these shows

Liam Mathews
Jaimie Alexander, Blindspot

Jaimie Alexander, Blindspot

Barbara Nitke/NBC/Warner Brothers

NBC's action-packed, elaborately plotted, and knowingly ridiculous FBI conspiracy thriller Blindspot ended after 100 episodes on the dot in 2020. The show tells the twisty tale of Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander), who in the pilot wakes up naked in a duffel bag in Times Square. She has no memory of who she is, but she's covered from head-to-toe in tattoos, each of which contains a clue about a crime that has to be solved by an FBI task force led by Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton), the subject of one of Jane's most prominent tats. Over the course of the show, Jane and Weller become teammates, then spouses, as the mystery of Jane's past gets unraveled. 

Jaimie Alexander's body is probably glad the show is over — she did many of her own stunts, and suffered an unbelievable list of herniated disks, broken bones, and dislocated joints as a result — but the rest of us really miss it. If you're still on the search for something that will thrill you like Blindspot, we have some recommendations for what to watch next. Our list includes female-fronted action shows, thrillers with a sense of humor, and long-running mysteries. You'll want to tattoo tributes to these shows all over your body.  

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Looking for more recommendations of what to watch next? We have a ton of them! We also have hand-picked selections based on shows you already love, as well as recommendations for Netflix (movies/shows), Amazon Prime Video (movies/shows), Hulu (movies/shows), Disney+ (movies/shows), HBO Max (movies/shows), Apple TV+, and Peacock.

The Equalizer 

Queen Latifah, The Equalizer

Queen Latifah, The Equalizer

Barbara Nitke/CBS

If you want a new show about a tough woman with a mysterious past leading a team of operatives as they fight for what's right, check out The Equalizer, which is currently in its second season on CBS. Queen Latifah stars in the action packed-show as Robyn McCall, a former CIA agent who now uses her skills to get vigilante justice for people who have been failed by the system. Her allies include an NYPD detective (Tory Kittles) who's the Jim Gordon to her Batman, a fun-loving, stylishly dressed sniper (Liza Lapira), and a cranky computer hacker (Adam Goldberg). The show is the second reboot of the Edward Woodward-led '80s TV series of the same name — the first was Denzel Washington's Equalizer movie franchise. Queen Latifah doesn't do the physically punishing stunts Jaimie Alexander did on Blindspot, but she does ride her own motorcycle, so that's something. 


Martin Dingle Wall, Cypher

Martin Dingle Wall, Cypher


Roku Channel's first original scripted series could be a Blindspot spin-off or a mish-mash of Blindspot and The Blacklist. The crime thriller follows a cryptanalyst brought in by the FBI to break a code that turns out to be a master criminal hitlist, and the double crosses begin! While not quite at the level of quality of Blindspot or other network FBI thrillers — it is a free show on Roku, after all — Cypher definitely has the twists, action, and FBI offices with giant screens and glass walls to keep a fan of Blindspot happy. -Tim Surette 


Esmé Creed-Miles, Hanna

Esmé Creed-Miles, Hanna

Christopher Raphael/Amazon Prime Video

Amazon's original series Hanna is an adaptation of Joe Wright's 2011 action film Hanna, which — based on the sheer amount of ass-kicking and government conspiracies — was clearly an influence on Blindspot. The 2019 series follows a similar trajectory as the film: A teen girl (Esme Creed-Miles) groomed and genetically enhanced to become a super assassin for a secretive CIA program gets loose and goes on a mission to find out what the heck is going on, snapping arms and dislocating the shoulders of anyone who gets in her way. But from Season 2 on, Hanna the show expands on the mythology of the film for a solid shoot-em-up with great character work at its center. Plus, thanks to Amazon's deep pockets, Hanna is a globe-trotting show that films in exotic locations, just like Blindspot. It wrapped after three seasons in 2021.  -Tim Surette


Stana Katic, Absentia

Stana Katic, Absentia


Castle's Stana Katic stars in this thriller series that has a similar setup to Blindspot. She plays an FBI agent who disappeared without a trace while pursuing a serial killer and was declared dead in absentia. Six years later, she is found living in a cabin in the woods with no memory of what happened in the time she was missing. And she's implicated in a new series of murders. It has more of a psychological thriller bent than Blindspot, but if you loved Blindspot's amnesia plot, you'll want to remember Absentia when you're picking something to watch next.


Jennifer Garner, Alias

Jennifer Garner, Alias

Norman Jean Roy, ABC via Getty Images

J.J. Abrams' classic action series that ran on ABC from 2001 to 2006 follows another ass-kicking female operative. Jennifer Garner became a star playing CIA double agent Sydney Bristow, who poses as a member of criminal organization SD-6 before becoming a full-fledged CIA agent who gets pulled deeper and deeper into a web of intrigue. The show's gadgets, shadowy espionage conspiracies, and conflicted central character were all big influences on Blindspot.

The Blacklist

James Spader and Hisham Tawfiq, The Blacklist

James Spader and Hisham Tawfiq, The Blacklist

Virginia Sherwood/NBC

If you like Blindspot, chances are you've seen at least a few episodes of The Blacklist, too. But if you haven't gotten obsessed with it yet, now's as good a time as any to start. It's the show most like Blindspot on this list, in terms of overall vibe (and title). Like Blindspot, it's a show about an improbable ally helping the FBI solve crimes, in this case a most-wanted criminal mastermind named Raymond "Red" Reddington (James Spader). Red assists an FBI task force that's not unlike Weller's in exchange for immunity, but the real reason why he's helping is still an active mystery even in Season 9. It's a twisty and action-packed conspiracy thriller with a quirky sense of humor provided by Spader, who elevates the show from decent to wildly entertaining.

Burn Notice

Jeffrey Donovan, Burn Notice

Jeffrey Donovan, Burn Notice

Dan Littlejohn/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

USA's breezy seven-season action drama has a lot in common with Blindspot. It has an episodic case-of-the-week format and a quippy sense of humor, as well as broader season-long arcs about intelligence agencies and espionage and conspiracies and stuff like that. The charming Jeffrey Donovan stars as Michael Westen, a CIA operative who is suddenly and without explanation blacklisted from the agency and sent home to Miami, where he has to work as an unlicensed private investigator to make ends meet while trying to figure out who burned him and why. It boasts the most entertaining supporting character of any show on this list, Bruce Campbell's well-connected, wisecracking intelligence operative Sam Axe.


Elyes Gabel, Scorpion

Elyes Gabel, Scorpion

Bill Inoshita, CBS

If you love Patterson (Ashley Johnson) and Rich Dotcom's (Ennis Esmer) techno-hijinks, you should check out Scorpion, because it's almost entirely that. The four-season CBS action drama follows a computer genius named Walter O'Brien (Elyes Gabel), who leads a team of super-smart scientists, hackers, and other assorted nerds as they carry out tech security missions for clients, most commonly the Department of Homeland Security, but also private individuals and businesses who need their expertise. It was conceived as a dramatic counterpart to the nerdy comedy The Big Bang Theory, and like Blindspot, mixes action, case-of-the-week conspiracies, and humor.

Strike Back


Sulliivan Stapleton and Philip Winchester, Strike Back

Liam Daniel/CINEMAX

If you enjoy Sullivan Stapleton's gruff action heroics, you have to check out Strike Back, the wall-to-wall action series he shot and punched his way through before and during. Blindspot. Alongside Philip Winchester, he stars as ex-Delta Force operator Damien Scott. The British Cinemax series filmed all over the world and essentially rebooted in each of its ten seasons. S.S. was on the show from Season 2 through Season 5, and did even crazier stunts and action sequences than the ones he did on Blindspot

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