Philip Baker Hall and Shirley Knight (

As Good as It Gets) have been tapped to play SNL alum Cheri Oteri's parents in her upcoming CBS sitcom, Variety reports... Joining the list of casualties left in Judge Judy's wake, syndie courtroom series Judge Mills Lane has been axed. Judge Mills Lane, who bangs his cranky gavel for the last time this summer, will resume his old jobs as a lawyer and boxing promoter back home in Reno, Nevada... Actress Beatrice Straight — who won a best supporting actress Oscar for playing William Holden's wife in the 1976 TV satire Network — has died at 86... Lions Gate Prods. is developing a sequel to American Psycho, last year's dark comedy-thriller starring Christian Bale, Variety reports. This time around, Mila Kunis (Get Over It) will star... The Who's Roger Daltrey will play a Catholic priest in the upcoming TNT series Witchblade, according to The Associated Press. — Daniel R. Coleridge with Michael Ausiello