Katherine Heigl by Bob D'Amico/ABC Katherine Heigl by Bob D'Amico/ABC
Grey's Anatomy creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes wants to set the record straight: There has been no talk of

Katherine Heigl leaving the medical drama. Rumors about the starlet wanting to exit the show began this summer, after Heigl, who plays Dr. Izzie Stevens, said she wasn't submitting her name for Emmy consideration this year because the writers didn't deliver Emmy-worthy material. When asked about the rumors, Rhimes told The Associated Press, "We have every intention of seeing Katherine for the entire season." But has the actress expressed any interest in leaving the hit show? Rhimes responded firmly, "No, she has not." Rhimes cites what she calls "the Dawson's Creek phenomenon," in which a "bunch of lovely and young actors" must learn to cope with the sudden fame a TV hit brings," as a possible reason for the all the off-screen drama (including Isaiah Washington's alleged gay slur toward costar T.R. Knight and his subsequent firing). "These are people who went from living their lives to not being able to walk down the street without paparazzi being able to follow them wherever they go," she said. Are you happy that Izzie will be back for the whole season? - Erin Fox Related " Rhimes Suprised but not Insulted by Heigl " Missing McDreamy? Use our Online Video Guide to watch episodes of Grey's Anatomy