The Shield
I'm trying to think of any one episode of any one show that's ever been more difficult to write about in detail on a family site, and I don't think I can come up with one. Nope, not one. So let's try baby talk: Lem does a whoops in front of Kavanaugh, Vic goes to see Kavanaugh's ex and they end up being very nice to one another, Claudette and Dutch zero in on a suspect in that ouchie-bad-place happy-circle case, Claudette accuses Dutch of liking Tina a lot, Vic and his boys are mad and sad after their huggy-friend with Antwon goes very wrong in the warehouse, Claudette and Dutch's witness play baseball with his wife, Vic tells Kavanaugh his ex has very good taste, Kavanaugh's ex tells him what a swell time she had with Vic, Kavanaugh gets very angry at his chief, Claudette makes captain, Vic and Antwon yell at each other, everyone gets angry at everyone else, Vic kisses Becca, and then Vic drives Lem to Mexico so Lem doesn't have to go to jail with mean Antwon.

Man, it actually sounds a lot worse when you put it like that, doesn't it? Anyway, those of you who saw it know exactly what that meant, and those of you who didn't missed a heck of an episode. My hero for the hour? Claudette, who gave the best speech I've heard on the series to date when Billings claimed, in front of the brass, that he's gotten the crime rate down: "If you weren't out to lunch, passing the buck or leaving every day at four o'clock, you'd know that our citizens aren't reporting half of what's going on out there because they know that we can't or won't do anything," she said after being ordered to undergo a medical exam to determine her fitness. "If you want me to go and pee in a cup, I'll be happy to fill it. But I'm not your problem." And Kavanaugh going to see Corinne, Claudette taking over the Barn and Lem on the lam? Wow, what an ending. Michael Peck