The Shield

Now we come face to face with the problem presented by TV's series-and-season structure: None of you guys really

thought Kavanaugh was gonna nail Vic and the boys for making a deal with the Russians, did you? Not unless the series is going to end and, even if that were the case, certainly not this early in the season. So the problem for the writers and producers is to make the episode entertaining even though we sort of know how it's going to turn out. Or, at least, how it's not going to turn out. Mission accomplished. Kavanaugh's humiliation when he burst in on the scene, ruining Vic's plan to establish a blood relationship with the Russians, was complete. And once again, we saw why Forest Whitaker is the man for this job, playing it perfectly. His freak-out at episode's end was a thing of beauty, too. (Add another "uh-oh" to my tally.) In other developments: "I'm sorry. I'll stop." A touching note from Dutch to Claudette and a nice scene between the two of them as she tells him she suffers from lupus. Yet another screwup by Tina and another hint at how much damage she's going to do to Dutch if he lets her. As Peaches' roommate said in explaining how she killed the victim with a bat: "S--t just happened." That it did, and that it does. And a whole lot more of it's due to come raining down in weeks to come.