The Shield

Am I the only one who has trouble keeping track of all the lying on this show? Just asking, 'cause I'm feeling a little dense right now. (I mean, on top of the usual

denseness, you know?) Anyway, it's not really a problem, because you can always count on more lies flying thick and fast, to the point where you don't have to worry much about remembering all the old ones. (That's what that "previously on The Shield" segment's for.) So here we have Kavanaugh calling Gardocki in to bust his chops, and Gardocki holding up reasonably well, I think. But let's face it: Nobody's holding up that well. Week to week, Kavanaugh's getting more and more on everybody, Aceveda included, and I can't help but think that Gardocki and Shane are right when they say having Becca represent the entire Strike Team is a bad idea.

Nice setting up of whatever betrayal's down the road, though. And a good scene, too, when Vic tells Corinne to get a lawyer, cut a deal with Kavanaugh and tell the truth, no matter how it makes Vic look. Vic does, remember, have his decent streak which I'm betting won't stop him from coming out of this mess better than everyone else involved. Now, as for that cliff-hanger, anyone taking bets that Claudette is really dead? I vote no. But you never know with this show. Michael Peck