The Shield

Now we see what an angry Kavanaugh can do (though I'm sure he'd be on this track even if Vic hadn't

humiliated him on the Russian thing). He pressures Danny into giving up her relationship with Vic, then uses that to turn Corrine. And speaking of Kavanaugh, you know how actors stare into the mirror for hours, perfecting little facial tics and expressions? Well, Forest Whitaker came up with a brilliant one: that terrifying thing Kavanaugh does where he breaks into an almost-pleasant smile then quickly drops it. When people smile naturally, it goes away smoothly. Kavanaugh's grin gets thrown off a cliff, leaving only the predator's stare.

Which is only fitting, considering how hard he's playing now, telling Becca about Terry and Corrine about Danny. (You'll notice I'm not talking about the GH-rat-trap thing, by the way some things are just too painful for a fella to discuss further.) Now, can anyone blame Corrine for giving up Vic on the bag-o'-cash matter? Not with the way he played her for years. And it only gets worse from here on out, I'm thinking. "I'm here and I'm staying," Kavanaugh tells Aceveda, after informing him he's under investigation. Oh, I don't think anyone had any doubts about that. Michael Peck