Shia LaBeouf  by Jeffrey Mayer/ Shia LaBeouf by Jeffrey Mayer/
Shia LaBeouf will not face charges in connection to his July car crash, The Associated Press reports. After reviewing the case, the Los Angeles County District Attorney determined there was "insufficient evidence" to charge the

Eagle Eye star. Instead, prosecutors are considering charging two other people in the accident. "Shia is most happy that he will not have to go to court," Michael Norris, his attorney, said. The actor's's legal woes aren't completely over - he may have his license suspended following a Friday DMV hearing. Norris, though, does not foresee that happening. LaBeouf collided with another vehicle on West Hollywood in the morning on July 27. He was initially cited with a misdemeanor DUI, but authorities then concluded the other driver was at fault for running a red light. The accident severely injured the 22-year-old's left hand and required surgery. - Joyce Eng Related: " Shia LaBeouf: Crash Was "Eye-Opening and Terrifying" " Shia LaBeouf Not to Blame for Accident " LaBeouf "Doing Fine" After Wreck and Arrest