Charlie Sheen by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/ Charlie Sheen by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/

Charlie Sheen is ready to pop, having heard ex-wife Denise Richards one too many times deny that she sought his sperm in April 2007. In making the rounds on behalf of her new E! series, Richards has claimed that she never emailed Sheen's fiancée, Brooke Mueller, about desiring his "donation."

Sheen is now telling the press, "I will no longer sit back and be egregiously painted as a liar. The mere fact that [Denise] continues to publicly... harass Brooke and me three years after our separation - longer than [our] marriage - is beyond desperate."

Sheen has forwarded along Richards' email to Mueller, which reads: "I am having a baby in the next year. [M]y girlfriend suggested Charlie be the donor. Charlie and I have very beautiful, healthy children together. I was strictly looking for a sperm donor. [T]his wasn't to have sex with him."

Sheen says that if Richards still wishes to refute his side of the sperm tale, she may "sue me in a court of law." - MWM

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