Shannen Doherty by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/ Shannen Doherty by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/

At Saturday's 90210 session, executive producer Gabe Sachs gave new details about Shannen Doherty reprising her role as Brenda Walsh on the new CW spin-off.

Walsh will return to West Beverly as - get this - the guest director of the high school musical. So I guess that Brenda-is-studying-drama-in-London-now write-off storyline came in handy. (I pray to Joe E. Tata that she has a Madonna-like British accent.) Co-executive producer Jeff Judah emphasized that Doherty's appearance is not a cameo, but rather a multi-episode arc. (For those keeping tabs: So will be the storylines of Donna, Kelly and Nat when they return.)

Sachs and Judah also mentioned that they were open to including appearances by other West Bev alums - as long as their stories made sense within the context of the new show. - Mickey O'Connor

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