Shania Twain capitalizes on her ongoing identity crisis in her new CD Up!, a double-disc set that features the same 19 songs done performed in both country and pop styles. However, fans shouldn't expect such double standards on tonight's NBC concert special Shania Up! Live in Chicago (8 pm ET).

"I have a large band, there are nine musicians, and in a sense we sort of do a mix," Twain tells TV Guide Online. "I have three fiddle players, so even though during one song we are [performing] more on the side of the [pop] version, we'll still have the fiddles playing the part that was played on the [country] version and vice versa.

"So, the live versions in a lot of cases are [unique]," continues the 37-year-old songstress. "It is kind of interesting. I sort of treat 'live' like it's own beast in a way. It's a completely separate entity."

And it's one Twain will embrace in a big way again beginning Sept. 25, when the singer kicks off her first world tour in more than three years in Hamilton, Ontario. If only her 2-year-old son, Eja, was as enthused about it. "He has an affinity more for 'Hey, Diddle, Diddle,'" she admits. "I've had to sing that repeatedly at bedtime. I think he is more drawn to that right now than he is to his mommy's music."