Although Shane West is currently stealing scenes away from Sean Connery in the new big-budget actioner The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (opening today), don't take that to mean the Once and Again alum has shunned the small screen. In fact, the 25-year-old actor has just the comeback vehicle in mind.

"I would love to do a Once and Again reunion," he tells TV Guide Online. "As sappy as it sounds, it was good people."

The Louisiana native fondly recalls what drew him to his character Eli, a moody teen coping with his parents split. "I think I got lucky with Once and Again because of my background," he notes. "I come from a divorced family; my mom raised me and we left my dad.... So [doing the show for three years] wasn't hard. It was more like therapy."

And although he doesn't share nearly as much in common with his League alter ego — hotshot gunslinger Tom Sawyer — West nevertheless jumped at the role. "I thought it was cool because it was just strange," he laughs. "I like strange... I like out there."