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Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan said he was humiliated after he was detained for questioning at an American airport, but later downplayed the incident as an "unfortunate procedure."

Khan, one of the Indian film industry's biggest stars, was questioned for more than an hour Friday at New Jersey's Newark International Airport. He said he was detained because his picture showed up on a security alert list, but immigration officials said the actor was never "formally held" and that the questioning was part of a routine process, the Associated Press reports.

Khan is currently promoting a film titled My Name is Khan — about racial profiling of Muslims after 9/11.

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"It was absolutely uncalled for, I think, me having just finished working there for more than a month... just a couple of weeks ago," he told The Times of India. "They said I have a common name which is causing the delay... checked my bags... I felt angry and humiliated."The examination took 66 minutes — which officials said would've taken less time had Khan's luggage not been lost — and Khan said he was released after placing a call to the Indian Consulate.Khan sought to downplay the incident on Saturday. He told reporters at the South Asian Carnival in Rosemont, Ill., that he did not want an apology."I think it's a procedure that needs to be followed, but an unfortunate procedure," he said.He did not mention the episode to the festival's crowd. Khan attended the event to celebrate India's Independence Day.