Considering Clary (Katherine McNamara) might be dead when Shadowhunters returns, you might assume that Clace has the toughest times ahead when it comes to romance. Hard to keep a ship sailing when one of the characters is dearly departed, right? But according to Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum Jr., it sounds like Malec actually might be the couple to face the most turbulence in Shadowhunters' final run of episodes.

In the midseason finale, Magnus (Shum Jr.) gave up his magic in order to save Jace (Dominic Sherwood) from his possession by the Owl, which was a huge choice for him to make. In future episodes, struggling with the loss of that magic, Magnus is going to need Alec (Daddario) more than ever.

"I think Alec struggles with understanding the gravity of losing that magic. I think that Alec sometimes has a little trouble seeing how the magic that warlocks possess is not just something that's like a bonus to being a human; it's a part of them. It's a part of their identity. It sits within them," Daddario told TV Guide. "So I think that Alec has a little trouble sort of understanding why Magnus is so upset. I think that Magnus is obviously completely devastated and doesn't really know what to do, and he tries to put on a brave face, and Alec obviously tries to be supportive during this time, but I think it's going to lead to more conflict than any other kind of positive thing in their relationship. It certainly is going to lead to Alec making some poor decision in his efforts to help Magnus."

As for Magnus, not only will he have to adjust to a life in which he has to do his eyeliner by hand, he'll be dealing with the kind of loss of identity that even Alec might not be able to sympathize with fully.

"I feel like losing power is a big deal for Magnus, so he's in this bubble of like, that's his identity being taken away," Shum Jr. said. "So being with anybody, even with Alec, is going to be hard because who else will understand that, other than them just being a support system?"

It sounds like rough waters are definitely on the horizon for this ship, but considering the Shadowhunters 3B trailer teased some sexy workout times and dancing in the loft for Magnus and Alec, it's safe to say there are plenty of high points still ahead.

Shadowhunters returns Feb. 25 at 8/7c on Freeform.

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