Sarah Jessica Parker and Willie Garson courtesy HBO Sarah Jessica Parker and Willie Garson courtesy HBO

Production on the high-profile Sex and the City movie has been only marginally impacted by the current WGA strike, says cast member Willie Garson: "It's not affecting the movie other than any rewriting is not going to happen."

Still, Garson - who plays Carrie's favorite gay pal, Stanford Blatch - has been enjoying the Sexy reunion. "It's as if we never left, like everyone went out to lunch and came back from lunch five years later," he says. "It's just a great experience."

And what sort of experiences lie ahead for Stanford? Garson jokes, "I get a sex change! It's crazy. That's the eighth act of the movie - my sex change!"

Buzz for the highly anticipated film has been high, especially after the press reported several on-location wedding-scene shots. When asked if those scenes were but fantasy sequences, Garson coyly replies, "They've been dreams to me." - Reporting by Carita Rizzo