It's time to get hyped (and a little sad), Sense8 fans! Netflix has released a bittersweet first look at the show's finale special, and it looks like the Cluster's last run is going to be an emotional one.

In the teaser for the heavily demanded follow-up, the series' cast and showrunners are seen trotting across the globe as they ready the two-hour series closer, which was greenlit by Netflix after the cancellation of the show had fans petitioning hard for a third season renewal.

"I'm glad that the universe conspired to realign what was off center," Toby Onwumere says in the video, which you can watch above.

While the details of the special are still slim — apart from Max Riemelt's estimation that they're all going to be "funnier than last season" this time around — it looks like the heart of the original series will be on full display in this epilogue episode.

"I'm proud to be a part of this," Riemelt says, adding that he's "happy that we can given them an end that will satisfy them."

Sense8 returns to Netflix for a final two-hour special in 2018.