Odette Annable Odette Annable

Odette Annable (nee Yustman) told TV Guide Magazine that her Brothers & Sisters romance with husband Dave Annable has fizzled out in order for her to move on to her Fox comedy Breaking In. She shot a "nice" five-episode arc, which she enjoyed, but shooting the fake breakup scene, she says, made both newlyweds feel surprisingly sad.

Matt Lauria (The Chicago Code) was approached by one of The Cleveland Show's producers, who in passing said, "We should get you to do a voice on The Cleveland Show," which Lauria got visibly excited about.

Kelli Williams, Brendan Hines and Hayley MacFarland from Lie To Me enjoyed dinner in a quiet corner of the patio where they spent the entire night chatting amongst themselves. Williams told TV Guide Magazine earlier that they've finished their episodes for the season and they're uncertain about whether or not the show will be renewed. "There really isn't a wrap-up, but in the finale there's a strong conversation where they really can go either way with Gillian's and Cal's relationship — if the show does continue."

The "Brit Pack" from Terra Nova, Christine Adams, Shelley Conn and Naomi Scott were dancing on the patio, Alfonso McAuley was mixing and mingling by himself while his parents made the rounds at the party; the Bob's Burger crew were being loud by the bar, laughing at each other's jokes; Lance Reddick with his fiancé, and Jasika Nicole with her partner, were chatting to friends (or friendly reporters) as the party started to wind down. Nicole remembered singing for TV Guide Magazine in the summer. "I figured it was my one shot at booking Glee!" she exclaimed. 

Mary Murphy told TV Guide Magazine that she took some time off from So You Think You Can Dance last year to take care of some health issues. "I'm happy to say that things are going well for me. I feel really good. I had surgery on December 15th, and I had cancer, so I have my thing [scarf around the neck] on tonight. I've had a tumor for several years, it just made a change in the last six months, it started to get bigger, I started noticing some things going on. I started noticing I could hardly swallow anymore and I'll know by the end of January if I'll be cancer free for good. It looks really good. I think we go back to filming in February and I'm thinking I won't even have to wear a scarf — the surgeon in San Diego, was amazing. Don't know if I'm going to be screaming anymore. It's affected my voice some. I can't right now, but I'm hoping by summer time I'll be able to let one out if I feel the need." 

Glee's Heather Morris teased that in the Super Bowl episode there are more high jinks in store for ditzy Brittany, as Sue makes it her mission to shoot the cheerleader out of a cannon. "Her and I have a lot of random funny stuff. She taunts me and tells me the cannon misses me. Which I believe. Of course."

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