Prince Salauddin Babi of India Prince Salauddin Babi of India

For one of the stars of TLC's new series Secret Princes, the bathroom is the most important room in the palace.

The five-part series introduces four wealthy members of international royalty as they come to America undercover to live, work and search for love. But when Prince Saladdin Babi of India sees the house he'll be living in, he's appalled to be sharing a bathroom.

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"I won't ever share a bathroom with anybody," he says in the exclusive clip below. "I really want a bathroom to myself and I deserve this bathroom reserved." (For a guy used to living at an estate with 70 rooms and 50 servants, we can see how that could be problematic.)

Secret Princes premieres on Friday, Sept. 21 at 10/9c on TLC.  Watch the sneak peek below: