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The Secret Circle returned last week with a near death for Cassie, a failed attempt by Faye to regain power and the last-minute return of Jake. Left with burning questions, chatted with star Britt Robertson who filled us in on Cassie's newly discovered dark side, her readiness for love and how this next chapter will delve into the Chance Harbor circle of 16 years earlier.  

Jake's back: Robertson calls Jake's appearance at the end of last week's episode a tease. "I don't know that he'll actually make contact with any of us for a little while," she says. But when he does, Robertson says Cassie may let him in. "In her heart she knows that if he does come back, it's for an honest reason, and at the end of the day she does need him [because] he has all the knowledge and access to this dark power she's being overtaken by."

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Cassie's ready for love: "She's definitely flirting with the idea of having a guy in her life," Robertson says. "She needs someone to talk to and she needs someone to lean on because she has no one at this point, especially now that her grandmother is gone. So I think that's a prime opportunity for some guy to come in there and swoop her up." So will that guy be Jake or Adam? Robertson won't say.

Cassie won't reach the dark side just yet: We know Cassie has bad blood, but "it's not something that's going to overpower her at this point ... the idea is that she has something inside of her that's so powerful and that can do all of these things. That will motivate some sort of battle between the good and evil side of her and which she uses to go through life."

Dawn and Charles ain't stopping her: Robertson says it'll take a lot for them to step in. "[With] all the stuff with Nick being killed, there was no, 'Maybe we should unbind the circle or maybe we shouldn't continue this.' Clearly they're on a mission [and] I don't know if that will ever be the case, but it's possible depending on how dark she actually gets." Robertson also adds, "But I want some scenes with Gale Harold and Natasha Henstridge!"

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The Balcoin children: Robertson says the cast has yet to find out who else is a Balcoin child, but shares her wish: "We hope it's not just one person [and maybe] that all the girls are related,  although I don't know what that would mean."

There will be a payoff: Viewers will find out a lot. "A big part in this second chapter of The Secret Circle is finding out all these mysteries that everyone's been wanting to know about and so much is revealed in the next couple of episodes. You get to see ... 16 years ago at one point and you get a good look at what was happening [then] and why everyone is coming after Cassie Blake and her circle [now]."

The Secret Circle airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.