So now Sean isn't the only one who knows the Carver raped Christian. How pathetic was it that that woman faked being a Carver victim just to get attention, only to become a real Carver victim in the end? I was freaking out during the scene when the anesthesia wasn't working while they were trying to fix her face. The few times I have had surgery (not plastic, mind you, I'm not that old), I've feared that the anesthesia wouldn't work and I would feel the knife cutting into me. Ouch. Pretty intense ending with Christian getting the failed anesthesia tested on himself while Sean was at home cutting his arm to inflict the pain he wanted dispensed by Matt. Matt certainly said it correctly after he refused to punch Sean back: "You're very sad." At least Matt dropped the restraining order. Offering Matt a drink was a stupid thing for Sean to do.

Speaking of sad, how about the other story line the wife who got plastic surgery so her husband with Alzheimer's disease would remember her? But the husband, tragically, still did not recognize his wife after her face-lift. If the wife looked familiar to you, she was brilliantly played by K Callan, who many of you classic-TV fans will remember from her guest stint on All in the Family. She played the woman who came out to Archie and Edith as the lover of the deceased at the wake of cousin Liz. Best line (Archie): "Liz was a lez?"  Tell me you remember it. 

Three final things. First, the previews for next week's episode are way too confusing, so I'll wait until it airs to comment. Second, I'm glad a bunch of you also remembered Jennifer Salt from Soap (she wrote tonight's episode). And third, it was about time they featured the McNamara daughter. I thought she went the way of Chuck Cunningham and the daughter on Life with Bonnie.   Dave Anderson

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