I know ER has its crazy off-the-wall moments, but you'd never see one of their doctors dressed up as a hypodermic needle named Mr. Prick. That's why I love this show so much. It's good for a laugh, but it was probably a good thing that Kelso realized that maybe that wasn't the best name. Not sure that a cute and cuddly needle would really make me more inclined to give blood, but it might if Turk had danced in the costume, too. Also, loved the nearly throwaway lines about J.D.'s phases: Ugg boots, a campaign for better grammar and double European air kisses. (What I wouldn't give to see

Zach Braff sporting Uggs.) One can only imagine what is next on his list of obsessions. Oh, and the scene with the kitty stuck in the guy's mouth was alternately scary and really cute. Not the best special effects  in fact, they were really terrible special effects, but that kitten's little face was just too much. I didn't really get the Kelly Ripa thing. Guess I don't watch enough of her and Reege in the mornings, but the sheer bizareness of it made me laugh out loud.