Elliot's sexual fantasies have always been ripped from romance novels, so it is no surprise that she's got her new boy toy playing Mexican apple thief and orchard owner. It is, however, a little weird that roomie JD is in on the foreplay action as the sombrero-donning Paco. That's a little less Three's Company and a little more

Too Close for Comfort. Loved Dave Foley as a grief counselor, especially when he deadpans the line "You just have that look of someone who is going to die young," to JD. And the writers deserve some extra credit for timing Dr. Cox's stages of grief so well with the loss of a patient. Very clever. I liked anger the best. You can't beat a frustrated Perry, who grunted, "If he keeps ignoring my threats... I'm gonna have to hit him." I'm just surprised that he didn't hit JD when he caused a can of root beer to explode all over his Porsche. That three-tap rule was bound to blow up in JD's face.

The second episode was Zach Braff's favorite, as it was his Scrubs directorial debut. It is great that NBC offered up simultaneous commentary on their website. What a fun new way to recycle reruns. Plus, I learned that they pretty much use the same 20 extras in the background all the time, that Zach Braff really was on fire for a while, and that Heather Graham objected to her character randomly plucking hair from Elliot's head but was cool with pinching her costar. Crab claw. But Zach didn't give away all of the show's secrets: He admitted that at one point they had to censor what JD whispers to Turk because it was too naughty, but he didn't tell his online listeners exactly what was said. I guess some things are best left to the imagination.