Scrubs"How depressing is it being you? Would you equate it to being a lifelong Cubs fan or being born with no lips?" Nice to know that even though the show's been off the air forever and J.D. got promoted from intern to attending, the janitor will still torture him. I'm so happy that some things never change like Dr. Cox handing out "man" cards to J.D. in an attempt to toughen him up now that he's a boss. And some things on this show are just so outrageously nonsensical: Turk sneaking J.D. into the movies in a backpack, Janitor sexually harassing patients with life-size cardboard cutouts of J.D., the Alzheimer's patient who tackles people while screaming "Who am I?" and the whole honky Adonis thing. The wackiness is in high gear at Sacred Heart. I am happy that Todd's vocabulary is improving "euphemism five" is such a step in the right direction. But the funniest line of the entire episode was when Carla was trying to explain to Turk what having a baby would be like: "Dr. Cox says it's like having a dog that slowly learns to talk." "Awesome," replies her hubby with the bizarre facial hair. (Here's hoping!)

The second episode was even more outrageous, if that's possible. I couldn't help immaturely giggling at the fact that everyone at Elliot's new job started calling her the Bank Farter, especially after Carla's comment, "Bank Farter is not so bad. It kind of sounds German." Yeah, fart jokes get me every time. J.D. should go for more of those if he really wants laughs from his interns. "Wake up and smell the third-floor urinal I haven't cleaned in four years," insisted Janitor when J.D. discovered that the real newbies were forcibly laughing at his jokes. It is really too bad that Elliot lost her new gig. I would have loved to have seen more of her freaky coworker Charlie; he made Janitor look practically sane. Also, I know that Jordan is kinda scary and intimidating, but I sort of like her a little, too. Watching her snoop on Dr. Cox through the security cameras was fun, but when she dropped by the cafeteria to hang with the gang, her way of making people like her was just so blatant: "I'm your new friend, so suck it." If only it were that easy to make new pals.  Angel Cohn