Screen Actors Guild Awards The night actors pat each other on the back. Much like the Golden Globes, there wasn't a host. There were plenty of awkward moments of presenter chatter, and TelePrompTer problems out the Ziyi Zhang. Everyone was having issues reading the thing,

except for the wonder known as Dakota Fanning. I mean, the 11-year-old was unflappable as she introduced Shirley Temple Black's life achievement portion of the evening. I seriously think she's genetically enhanced, like one of those Dark Angel characters. Some other highlights:

- I much appreciated the Peter Graves-Barbara Bain Mission: Impossible reunion, PrompTer issues and all.
- I admit it: While I thought the beginning "I'm an actor" monologues were supremely cheesy, I fell for them.
- Apparently, if your name's S. Epatha Merkerson, you're gonna win. She completed a hat trick: winning the Emmy, Golden Globe and now the SAG actor for the same TV-movie. Let the worship continue.
- How happy am I that Crash won for best ensemble cast? It meant some stage time for two of my favorites, Terrence Howard and Don Cheadle (walking with a cane?).
- Lost's Terry O'Quinn: He cleans up good. Real good. Sandra Oh looked beautiful in black and white.
- Memorable acceptance speeches: O'Quinn and Lost. He playfully insulted the cast, and they all gave Hawaii a shout-out. Sean Hayes thanked Ang Lee as if he'd actually worked with Ang Lee (he hasn't); S. Epatha gave her divorce lawyers some lovin'; Reese Witherspoon's June Carter tribute; Paul Giamatti's craft services and shootin' (bleep) bit was cool, too.
- I'm sorry, but Everybody Loves Raymond snagged SAG nominations? It was an awesome show, but it's gone, people.
- The "I'm so freakin' nervous" speech: Bree's son, who spoke for all the Housewives.
- The not-so-memorable speech: Sorry, Rachel Weisz.
- I love the way Pierce Brosnan says dictionary.
- My one "they were robbed" moment: When Arrested Development didn't win. (I love me some DH, but I have a soft spot for AD.)
-I haven't seen Brokeback Mountain yet, but after seeing Heath and Jake having fun with the intro to their movie clip, I'm running straight (you know what I mean) to the theater.