Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital will be getting a sexy new visitor before this season of Grey's Anatomy is up.

Former Felicity-heartthrob Scott Speedman will be joining Grey's Anatomy in a top-secret role, TVLine reports. He's currently being billed as a guest star, and TV Guide has confirmed that he will only appear in one episode this season.

His casting on Grey's Anatomy sent Animal Kingdom fans into a tizzy, wondering if he was possibly exiting the series. After all, his character was gravely injured in the Season 2 finale of Animal Kingdom, andthere have been rumors he's gearing up to leave the series. Now that we know he's only slated for one episode though, we can all rest a little easier, even if we kind of hoped he'd snagged a permanent role on Grey's.

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

Scott Speedman, <em>Animal Kingdom</em>Scott Speedman, Animal Kingdom