The Church of Scientology wouldn't take part in HBO's documentary Going Clear, but now that the doc has aired, the church has issued a lengthy statement to The Wrap.

The two-hour film from Alex Gibney was essentially an exposé on the controversial religion and its connection to Hollywood and featured interviews from several former members, including actor Jason Beghe and director Paul Haggis. At the end of the documentary, it was stated that the church refused an interview, as did Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

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"Alex Gibney is proving to be exactly like the sources in his film-no accusation is too irresponsible to make," the statement reads. "It doesn't matter if he lacks corroboration and proof, it's all about promoting his movie. Each and every one of the allegations... is absolutely false and rejected. Alex Gibney is getting desperate and is now resorting to ludicrous, made-up claims. The Wrap should ask him for his proof."

Read the full statement here.

In a response to the church's statement, Gibney told The Wrap, "The church claims it is innocent of all misdeeds. How credible does that sound?"

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