When a father swears he would slay dragons in order to protect his daughter, it's usually nothing more than a figure of speech. But should the need arise, Reno Wilson probably is better prepared to defend his castle (not to mention his princess, Deni) than your average dad, thanks to his role as tabloid photographer/ghostbuster Wes Freeland on the Sci Fi Channel series The Chronicle (airing Friday nights at 9 pm/ET).

"He's seen a lot more than I have," the actor tells TV Guide Online, "although I think we might be just about even now, 'cause I don't think anything can be wilder than witnessing the birth of your own child."

In fact, the proud pop compares the October birth to a close encounter of the most unbelievable kind. "Deni looked like a little alien when she came out," he shares with a laugh, adding that wife Coco took on a few otherworldly qualities in the delivery room as well. "Women are incredible! During the process, she becomes this rift in the time-space continuum, and then, all of a sudden somebody enters the room, and they didn't come through the front door!"

And it looks as if Wilson's onscreen family is increasing as well, now that Wes's parents have been introduced. "We get to see that he is the way he is because his parents are freaks! But they fit right in, because things on the show are getting freaky, too. We're going against the grain."