Scandal Scandal

Have the actors who play Scandal's Republican President and First Lady taken any tips from the Romneys? — Cynthia, Plains, Georgia

As a matter of fact, they have. Though neither is doing an exact imitation, Tony Goldwyn and Bellamy Young, who play President Fitzgerald "Fitz" Grant and his wife, Mellie, have studied the Romneys — as well as the Obamas. "I've watched [Romney] a lot, and he's a different type of personality than Fitz," says Goldwyn. "Romney's very pulled-together, careful and cerebral. Things feel very planned out, whereas Fitz speaks more like Obama — from the heart."

Young says she's been following Ann Romney's "pace and style and how much she's connecting with the audience." While she calls Mitt's Mrs. a "very compliant" woman, she adds, "I found her very moving and compelling because she talks legitimately about how much she loves and believes in her husband. She seems very sweet and loving." Young has tried to instill more backbone in her character. "In Mellie's best moment she would give a speech like Michelle [Obama] — absolutely, unconditionally supportive
but also thick with content." 

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