Scandal has made a name for itself as one of the most exciting and addictive shows on television.

Over the course of its exhilarating seven-year run, we've seen everything from a rigged presidential election to politicians backstabbing each other for power to a secret black ops organization carrying out some of TV's most brutal murders. And while the show took audiences on a rollercoaster ride of fast-moving storylines and jaw-dropping plot twists, you could always count on Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and the rest of the Gladiators to be there to fix those seemingly inconceivable messes.

As the show comes to an end on Thursday, we're taking a look at some of those unforgettable moments. You know, the ones that sent your nerves into disarray and your fingers furiously tapping away on Twitter. Here are 11 of Scandal's most memorable moments:

1) Olivia's abortion

While Mellie filibustered to protect funding for Planned Parenthood, Olivia made the difficult choice to have an abortion. The groundbreaking scene, which was backed by Aretha Franklin's rendition of "Silent Night" and featured Olivia in stirrups, remains one of the show's most talked about moments to date.

2) Defiance

In one of the show's most shocking reveals, Olivia conspired with Mellie, Cyrus, Verna and Hollis behind Fitz's back to rig the presidential election and get him into the Oval Office. The game-changing secret dominated the first two seasons of the Shondaland drama and proved that even our heroes were willing to go to unimaginable lengths in order to secure power in Washington.

3) When Papa Pope schooled Fitz

He might be a mass murderer but Rowan's razor-sharp tongue has also made him a favorite among fans. In one of his most memorable speeches, the former B613 commander took Fitz to task, calling the president a "boy" who was using his romance with Olivia as an easy way out from his privileged life as the son of an accomplished senator. Way harsh, Ro.

4) Olivia and Fitz's electrical closet hookup

Even when they're off, they're still very much on. Despite being on the outs over what went down with Defiance, the hot and heavy pair just couldn't stay apart and those feelings were on full display during a steamy, unforgettable romp in an electrical closet — at the christening for Cyrus and James' daughter Ella, no less!

5) "The Lawn Chair"

Inspired by the real-life events in Ferguson, this harrowing episode centered around the shooting of an unarmed black teen by a police officer. Holding a standoff with police while in a lawn chair in front of his body, the boy's distraught father caught the attention of Olivia Pope who took part in the protest against police brutality. The episode explored different sides of the debate surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement and ended on a hopeful note with justice being served.

6) That time Olivia killed Andrew

Up until this point, Olivia didn't have blood on her hands. However, when the Vice President threatened to ruin Mellie's reputation and triggering her PTSD stemming from her kidnapping, all bets were off. Andrew's threats sparked a violent response from the Washington fixer who literally beat him to death with a chair. Brutal.

7) When Jake killed James

A cliffhanger teased the death of either David or James who were getting too close to the truth about Daniel Douglas Langston's murder. Unfortunately, it was James who literally bit the bullet and the fan favorite's' life was ended by a remorseful Jake in one slow and tortuous scene.

8) Smellie Mellie

Grieving the loss of her son, Mellie ditched her First Lady duties and opted for lounging around the White House in a bathrobe while eating her feelings. It may have been one of the worst times in her life but the rocky period also produced some of the show's funniest and most memorable moments.

9) Huck tortures Quinn

In one of Scandal's most brutal scenes, Huck tortured his friend and fellow Gladiator Quinn for being a mole within the group. The chilling scene saw the B613 operative yank Quinn's teeth out and remains an image none of us will ever unsee.

10) Olivia and Jake's getaway

Unable to cope with her mother being a terrorist and her father murdering Fitz's son, Olivia decided to "chase the sun" with Jake on an exotic island. However, the news of Harris' death cut their blissful vacation short and they were forced to return to the real world. They may have crashed and burned as a couple but this sweet moment remains a fond memory.

11) Fitz getting shot on his 50th birthday

The leader of the free world miraculously survived a head wound only to end up in a coma with Sally Langston chomping at the bit for power. The shocker turned into a social media event with #WhoShotFitz trending on Twitter and saw Mellie forge his signature (committing one serious crime) in order to protect his presidency. Spoiler alert: He eventually wakes up and Mellie's desperate deed is quickly forgotten.

Which moment was your favorite?

Scandal's series finale airs Thursday, April 19 at 10/9c on ABC.

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