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Scandal Mega Buzz: Are Olivia and Quinn Beyond Reconciliation?

It sure looks that way!

Keisha Hatchett

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Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) might be broken up over Quinn's (Katie Lowes) presumed death on Scandal, but the latter is seeing red after finding out her former friend was willing to let her die.

"I think she really hates Olivia right now," Katie Lowes tells TV Guide.

Quinn has every right to be upset after overhearing Olivia refuse to back down from Rowan's (Joe Morton) threats on her life and that of her unborn child's. Rather than save her friend, Olivia called her father's bluff and essentially sealed Quinn's fate. For Quinn, Olivia's betrayal is proof that the gladiator she met in Season 1 is far gone and this current stranger wearing her face isn't someone Quinn can put her faith in, leaving their friendship irrevocably broken.

Scandal's Katie Lowes Opens Up About Quinn's Fate

"I don't know if [Quinn] can ever get back to trusting [Olivia] again or being friends again or being her gladiator again," added Lowes. "I'm just really not sure. I don't know how Olivia and Quinn can come back from this."

When Olivia does eventually find out Quinn is still alive, their inevitable reunion probably won't be a happy one.

Scandal airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

Kerry Washington, Scandal

Kerry Washington, Scandal

Eric McCandless, ABC