Or should we say, the Joshes strike back? Heh. Almost as funny as Carson's "Average Jokes." I have a newfound respect for my friends who recently joined the Gotham Girls Roller Derby; that game is brutal! The Joes won the only way they could: by making Anna nurse their boo-boos. I wrongly guessed that Carson's 'roid-rage display would make Anna finally cross him off her list; someone must have whispered in her ear about making good TV. So she gave the bully a chance to show what else he has under that ugly surface, and guess what? Deep down, he's really fake and unoriginal. She still gave him tongue, though! Maybe Anna just likes kissing. Nothing wrong with that. Carson came home "a believer" in the Anna legend, and he convinced himself that the outcome is totally up to him. Nooooo, our Little Mermaid has actually been as in love with Josh Nachlas as we've been all along. She even rewarded him with a peek at her messy bedroom. That is real intimacy. You know Anna ate up his sappy talk about "the beautiful things." Then she proved herself ready for a career in telenovelas with her single tear over Nathan's letter.

Is it me, or was the flashback structure needlessly confusing? At first I double-checked the FauxVo to make sure I hadn't fast-forwarded through a scene between commercials. (Now I want to do some research to figure out who pulled the strings to co-opt the Alias theme and font.) Not too many surprises were revealed by her undercover work, except that it's interesting how far those hired models were willing to go to expose Brad and Craig (who the hell is Craig?). Too bad there was more Austin Powers than Sydney Bristow in her unmasking; it must have taken a good half hour to peel it off. Her final four for Tahiti Josh, Josh, Art and Rocky were pretty obvious. Now, do all four of the "remade" Joes get to go, too, or does she have to reject them all over again?