I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised by tonight's show. Despite Lauren Sanchez doing her best Seacrest suspense lines, there were a lot of enjoyable performances. It was fun to see everyone back for a group piece by Shane Sparks, except the zoom-y camera work detracted a lot from the effect. Even Lauren's surprise salsa with Latin choreographer Alex da Silva was fun to watch; she was sexy and a good sport, so you could overlook the sloppy footwork. Rejectee Anthony Bryant's ribbon dance was pretty and graceful, though his skills wouldn't have translated at all to other genres. The wild energy and skill of hip-hop dance group the Groovaloos was exactly what tonight needed. It said, "This is Example A of what all these contestants can aspire to." And I was so happy and nostalgic when the final four dancers got to revisit their favorite performances with their original partners. Seeing Nick shine in the disco and jazz routines drove home the point that he was the obvious winner. The judges knew it, too, though Mia's "We're talking possible legend here" might have been exaggerating just a bit. But still, the kid's only 20. Who's not excited to see what he can do with a year in New York City and plenty of cash for classes? I hope we'll catch you on Broadway soon, sweetie!