If only I could say Extras rose above its tastelessness problems this week. It's not a bad start: Guest-star Ben Stiller mocks himself with a self-congratulatory speech about why he's making the important war film Andy and Maggie are working on. And the show manages to make me chuckle when Maggie raps the fake baby's head against the desk. Even the bowel-cancer gaffe works, but my discomfort meter's pinned for the rest of the episode as Ricky Gervais and Co. mine the genocide in Bosnia for laughs. On top of that, Maggie decides she's not interested in a guy she was just gaga over because one of his legs is shorter than the other, and then there's some racism tossed in for good measure. Capping it off: "Would you stop going off about your f---ing dead wife?" Stiller tells the Bosnian widower. It's not my job to take HBO to the woodshed, so I'll just say this: I'm not ending my night with a smile.