Court TV's is having a field day with this season's American Idol criminals, er, contestants. Follwing last week's report that Trenyce has a rap sheet, Gun has learned that fellow finalist Corey Clark faces trial next month on charges he assaulted his teenage sister and battled with cops while resisting arrest. The 22-year-old bad boy — who in his profile claims to "get along with everyone" — was arrested last October following a disturbance in his family's Topeka, Kans., home. It's not known whether Fox was aware of the incident, but to me, this seems a lot worse than Frenchiegate. Meanwhile, I would like to extend a plea to the sleuths at If you guys find any dirt on personal faves Ruben Studdard or Clay Aiken, please bury it. I'll pay you. Better yet, my grandmother will pay you.