Big Brother
In this episode of the show that should be renamed "The Crying Game,"  Ivette and April were brought to tears by... next to nothing. Shocking. I guess being in close confines with nothing else to focus on, every tiny molehill seems like a mountain. But why hasn't Janelle been an emotional basket case every one of the many times she's been put up on the nomination block? Hmm... Anyway, Maggie actually made a good point when she told the weepy April that it would be better to go up against one of the Sovereign Two than to go up against a member of the Friendship. So she does have brain; it must have finally broken free from the hive mind. But her decision to keep April around instead of trying to help Beau may have made an enemy of the outspoken Ivette. It should be interesting to see if HOH Ivette decides to nominate April and Maggie instead of Howie and Janelle. Maybe then it really will be the return of the Jedi.... I mean, Howie's already got some really cool lightsabers (does it make me a total geek that I want one?); now if he could just master the Jedi mind trick and use the Force on Ivette, he might be able to extend his stay to the bitter end. Angel Cohn

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