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Saturday Night Live Returns with Trump Press Conference, Tina Fey Cameo

He won't talk about the "pee pee"

Lily Sparks

Saturday Night Live returned after its long winter rest with another Donald Trump-skewering cold open this weekend. As Alec Baldwin pointed out earlier this week, Trump probably deserved a writing credit on this episode, because the cast basically just re-enacted his press conference from last week verbatim, then sprinkled in some shirtless Putin, played by Beck Bennett. Watching SNL's scathing take-downs of the future POTUS, you can almost forget he hosted the show during the primary campaign, which earned the show its highest ratings in three years and helped boost his campaign. Almost.

The host of the episode was Felicity Jones, the star of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. She made a few endearing stumbles in her monologue before getting a massive assist from national treasure Tina Fey, who appeared in a hologram vision dressed not unlike Princess Leia to help her along.

SNL finally gave ABC's The Bachelor the ribbing it so richly deserves in a hilarious parody called "Beard Man," which perfectly skewered the cringe-y tradition of contestants "stealing" the Bachelor from each other for awkward interludes of exposition about themselves. To steal a catch phrase from the sketch, I like this.

Another breakout sketch was about aged theatre donor Albee Durberry (Mikey Day) attending a play he helped fund and causing quite the commotion. Day showcased some notch physical comedy as the ailing donor, almost cracking up Jones, who appeared as his nurse.

In another sketch, Jones took center stage as a live-action Disney Princess with a very unusual curse (Kate McKinnon's version of Maleficent was perfect.)

"Weekend Update" also gave Michael Che a chance to revisit the PEOTUS's press conference featured in the cold open:

SNL always puts its riskiest bits last in case they're cut for time, and the closer last night was a surprisingly winning series of nervously whispered raunchy jokes. Buttholes: they're specific, yet universal.

Saturday Night Live returns next week with Aziz Ansari hosting and musical guest Big Sean.